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Cosmetic Specialties International, LLC

  • Bill Gedwed - President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Lisa Naylor - Senior Vice President of Sales & Operations
  • Alexi A. Smith - Director of Business Development & Innovation
  • Kenton Gedwed - Customer Development Manager Western Division


The Company, Founded in 1978, Cosmetic Specialties International (CSI™) has a rich history of innovation, product ingenuity and sustainable packaging for the beauty, skincare and personal care industries. Today CSI is one of the leading U.S. manufacturer of plastic injection-molded jars, caps, liners and closures made from traditional plastics, recycled resins, bio-plastics and 100% biodegradable material.

With 30+ years of experience, CSI provides end-to-end packaging services from tooling, engineering, mold-making and prototyping to manufacturing, quality assurance and in-house decorating. Conveniently located near major contract and private-label companies in Southern California, CSI serves some of the world’s largest and most respected cosmetics, hair care, nail care, spa, bath & body, wellness, OTC, natural, and organic brands.

Based on well-established expertise in production, materials, colors and decorative processes, CSI has developed many “firsts” in stock and custom packaging. Its highly responsive technical team is able to move innovations quickly through development cycles from concepts and ideas to testing and market acceptance. In addition, highly efficient production methods and long-term relationships with resin providers keep overhead low and pricing competitive.

CSI was originally founded in 1978 as a cosmetic pencil manufacturer in North Hollywood, California. At that time makeup mogul Max Factor awarded CSI its first major contract. Knowing greasepaint used on the stage would not apply thinly or offer colors that worked in on the big screen he developed the world’s first makeup created specifically for the movies including “flexible” greasepaint in a cream packaged in jars and color cosmetics in pencil-like applicators. Taking the lead from Max Factor, CSI began to develop its own packaging breakthroughs.

By the early 1980s, CSI had produced double-wall jars and other prestige packaging for beauty products sold in department stores, mass market retailers, and soon followed by direct response and online marketing. Next CSI developed the world’s first “50/50” containers also known as a low profile jars. The company’s stock and custom packaging lineup grew rapidly from this point.

CSI moved to Oxnard, California in 1989 to expand production of its cosmetic pencils, double-wall jars, caps, liners, dispensing caps, specialty closures, sealing discs and other products in traditional plastics and acrylics. During the next decade CSI became one of the world’s largest producers of cosmetic pencils and plastic injection-molded packaging for Procter & Gamble and other leading brands earning a global reputation for quality, innovation and service.

Cosmolab Inc. acquired the company in 2003 adding equipment, on-site tooling, engineering and rapid prototyping. Silk screening, pad printing, hot stamping, and other in-house decorating services were also upgraded. In 2009, the jar and closure assets of CSI-Cosmolab were acquired by Asparron Capital LLC, a North Richland, Texas private investment firm which has added new equipment, operations, financing, advanced technologies and other resources which has enabled CSI to continue offer its customers world-class packaging capabilities.

Today CSI manufactures more than 200 million parts annually and has set the industry standard for traditional, bio-based and recycled plastic packaging made of starches derived from tapioca and potatoes and biodegradable components made from corn sugar. As a socially and environmentally conscious company, CSI remains dedicated to conserving natural resources, reducing waste, sourcing eco-friendly resins and improving the quality of life for employees, their families and communities around the globe.


Cosmetic Specialties International LLC (CSI) has developed numerous “firsts” during its history as a leading North American manufacturer of plastic injection-molded packaging.

  • 1978    Established in North Hollywood, California  
  • 1979    Receives first major contract from Max Factor  
  • 1980    Produces double-wall jars with inner & outer shell  
  • 1984    Creates first "50/50" containers known as low profile jars  
  • 1987    Opens expanded production plant in Oxnard, California  
  • 1979    Adds on-site tooling, engineering, mold making & prototyping  
  • 1980    Produces styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) and PETG thick-wall jars  
  • 1998    Expands in-house decorating for end-to-end production  
  • 2002    Produces dispensing caps & specialty closures for bottles, tubes, etc  
  • 2007    Offers post-industrial recycled (PIR) jars & caps made from 100% recycled resins  
  • 2007    Begins bio-plastics research for beauty jars & caps  
  • 2008    Introduces ScentVent(tm) sealing discs for tamper-proof fragrance sampling  
  • 2008    Introduces bio-plastic packaging made from corn, wheat, tapioca & potatoes  
  • 2009    Achieves Gold Level GenGreen Certification for environmental manufacturing  
  • 2009    Debuts Mirel(tm) 100% biodegradable packaging derived from corn sugar at HBA in NYC  
  • 2009    Asparron Capital, LLC acquires jars & closures assets of the company  
  • 2009    Reaches milestone of 200 million plastic-injected parts per year

All CSI plastic parts and products are 100% BPA & phthalate-free.

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